As you can see above, the unique cruise price interactive map is there. It gives you opportunity to shop for cruises from Port of Civitavecchia  in real time.
This interactive price map is for Port of Civitavecchia but you also can shop for any port in the Southern Europe and Mediterranean. Cruise prices are subject to change at any time when cruise line change their rates. Prices are based on double occupancy before taxes. Gratuities are not included.
Cruise price interactive map allows find the most affordable cruise of the month easily.

price map from Rome

How to use cruise price interactive map?

First, select duration for your cruise:

  • Any
  • 1-2 days
  • 3-5 days
  • 6-9 days
  • 10 and more days

Second, select type of your stateroom:

  • Inside
  • Ocean view
  • Balcony
  • Suite

If you have a preferable cruise line, select this cruise line.

How to go to Civitavecchia?

As you know, Rome is not located at Mediterranean Sea. – It is abbot 50 miles from Rome to Port of Civitavecchia. So, you have a few options to go to the port for embarkation.

  • Book transfer through cruise line
  • Book transfer through third party
  • For cruisers on limited budget: take train and walk from train station to port gate.


Option 1: Book transfer through cruise line

After paying for your cruise, contact us and we add transfer for an additional charge to your reservation.
Transfer from cruise line it is available at embarkation day from Fiumicino Airport to pier.

Option 2: Book transfer through third party

After paying for your cruise, contact us and we will advise you or book your transfer through reliable third-party transfer company.

Option 3: take train and walk from train station to port gate

First, calculate time necessary to arrive to pier on time carefully. Your journey makes take up to 2 hours, so don’t plan to arrive to the end of embarkation. Try your best to arrive between 12 and 2 pm.

You should take a train from Termini Station in Rome – Stazione Termini – and purchase your ticket through vendor machine. Don’t forget to type Civitavecchia as an arriving point. It is takes from 50 minutes to one hour and 20 minutes from Rome to Civitavecchia.

Before taking train don’t forget to stamp your ticket in stamp machine. – You will see those machines near track. Machine may be different colors: either yellow or on color of Italian flag.

Pay attention! There is no elevator on arrival track in Civitavecchia. So, if your train arrives on track other than 1 you must use stairs to go down underneath of track and after this take stair and walk up. Evaluate your ability to carry your luggage because there is no service available to help you.

After you step on train square, you have two options:

  • Walk to port gate – 15-20 minutes and drag your luggage
  • Take a city bus to the gate

When you arrive to port gate, you will see bus station. You will see a sign with your ship’s name or simply ask which bus goes to your pier.

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