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Nadia Jastrjembskaia Aurora Cruises and Travel

“Be super realistic about your cruise vacation expenses.

Cruise fare is a big chunk of your budget. You will be surprised to learn that most your expenses are on adds.

Keep your budget in check. You need to know where every penny is going. Avoid racking up extra costs.

Download Cruise Budget Expense Planner. Schedule a 20-minute free consultation. We help you to optimize your budget.”

Nadia Jastrjembskaia, Elite Cruise Counsellor, Aurora Cruises and Travel

Cruise Fare

Remember: cruise lines advertise low headline fares – Leading Price.

Leading price for a specific sailing only.
Your sailing may be more.

Advertising price is per person based on double occupancy. Port charges, taxes and gratuities are extra. Solo travelers should expect to pay ‘single supplement.’

Leading price is mostly for inside staterooms.

When using the calculator, be sure you include total cost for your cruise.

Check prices on our cruise search engine.


Estimate your gratuities around $13-14 per person per day.

Keep in mind:

  • Gratuities are higher for suite guests;
  • No gratuities on luxury cruises;
  • Solo travelers pay gratuities for a single person;
  • Add $20 per person per day for all-inclusive cruises on Norwegian Cruise Line.


Parking at the port is the most convenient and expensive option. Estimate to pay between $15-$20 per day. There are independent parking lots around ports. Another option is to stay at a hotel near the port and purchase ‘Stay and park’ package. Hotels provide shuttle service to the pier.


Estimate prices for the flights using our flight search.
Remember: this flight search for information only.


Excursions make a memorable experience. Yes, you can stay on ship while in port.

Or, find a beach nearby or simply walk around.

Estimate excursion around $50 -$150 per person.

Here, at Aurora Cruises and Travel, we help you to optimize your budget for excursions and activities.

The Internet

Estimate to pay from $12 to $25 per day per device for the Internet package.


The casinos on a cruise ship offer all the games, including blackjack, slots, video poker, roulette, and craps.

Keep in mind that the payouts offered aren’t that great.

Gambling is a fun way to enjoy your cruise if you like gaming. Just estimate your budget accordingly.

Fitness Classes/Spa Treatments

Some fitness classes are included into price, some are not.

Estimate spa treatment from $60 up to $200.

In some cases, it is better to purchase a spa package for multiple treatments.


We recommend arriving at least one-night prior your cruise. 
Find the best price for a hotel >>>

Alcoholic Beverages

Estimate $7-10 per drink.

Or, purchase a drink package from $46 to $85 per day per person.

Some cruise lines don’t allow share drink. They ask to pay for it every adult in the stateroom.
Luxury cruise lines include drinks into cruise fare.

Specialty Dining

This is a great idea to celebrate the special occasion in nice upscale restaurant.

Estimate from $30 up to $99 per person for specialty dining.
Most cruise line charge for service. Some items in menu may be a la cart.

Souvenirs/Photos/ Shopping/Miscellaneous

Estimate photos for $15-20 per piece.

Allow some budget for souvenirs and shopping.

Don’t forget miscellaneous things like meals before and after your cruise, and in ports of call.

cruise budgeting sheet Aurora Cruises and Travel

Downloadable Cruise Budget Sheet >>>

Write down all your expected cruise expenses.

From your cruise fare to your gambling budget and every expense in-between.

This cruise budget sheet helps you to lay out your expenses.

So, no big surprises at the end of your cruise vacation!

Here, at Aurora Cruises and Travel, we will help you to optimaze your budget and plan your cruise experience accordingly.


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