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Service plans

Aurora Cruises and Travel is an official agency of the cruise industry.As the official agency of the cruise industry, Aurora Cruises and Travel follows all cruise lines’ rules and regulations. Therefore, we provide a service that you will not find among our competitors.

You save money on your deposited cruise for most cruise lines if price drops before the final payment. You have a chance to receive a free upgrade for a nominal fee if price drops for more expensive stateroom’s category.

Aurora Cruises and Travel is a unique company that combines all the advantages of online booking with the service provided by cruise consultants certified by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

  • For experienced cruisers who know exactly what they want from their cruise.
  • All standard options.

  • For first time cruisers and for those who prefer to work with a Pro.
  • All standard options. PLUS:
  • Discovering your vacation preferences and attitudes;
  • Cruise recommendations – up to 3 options;
  • Two in person/phone/online consultations (up to 30 minutes each).

  • For those who like to plan all cruise details in advance and prefer concierge service.
  • All ‘silver level’ options and find more below.

Diamond Level,  $500 , special offer – 20% – $400 per group

  • Planning weddings, anniversaries, celebrations on board (up to 32 people);
  • Planning: corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations (more than 32 people);
  • Planning: private tours before and after the cruise, and in ports of call;
  • It is possible to organize a ship inspection before the event to clarify all the details.

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Can I plan my cruise by myself without a cruise consultant?

Certainly! In this case, you will bel responsible to make happy all members of your family or company (just imagine – 7 or 14 days you are on cruise with unhappy person!).

And this after all your hard work and hours of research, and still, you didn’t meet their expectations… Learn more about cruise consultants here.Who needs service plans?

We recommend service plans for those who have a lot of options due to certain financial freedom. More financial freedom means more options to choose from.

So, you need a professional who can help you to make the informed decision.

People with limited financial freedom don’t have too much options to choose from. There are not too many cruise companies who operate in the lower price segment.

In this case, using professional service may be not necessary.How can I pay for a service plan?

All service plans are paid by credit cards.

If I change my mind about buying a service plan, how can I get my money back?

All payment service plans are final and non-refundable.

If you decide not to go on cruise before we start to deliver service, we give you a credit for next service plan.

This credit is valid for one year from the date you gave us a notice.

If you booked a cruise with Aurora Cruises and Travel before you have paid for your service plan, the cost of the service plan will be refunded as an onboard credit for your cruise.

If I paid for the silver service plan, and then decided to take the gold one, how I can return money for the silver plan?

In this case, you will need to purchase a gold plan, and the cost of silver plan we will be refunded as onboard credit for your cruise.

  • CLIA-certified cruise advisor in the rank of Elite Cruise Counsellor (the highest rank Cruise Line International Association, CLIA);
  • Cruises since 1997, total 103 cruises and ship inspections;
  • Sells cruises and consults clients since 2008;
  • Managing Director of Aurora Cruises and Travel, Florida, USA since 2008;
  • Member of the Cruise Lines International Association and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA);
  • Book author Cruises 2018: Secrets, Tips and Answers (Russian Edition), 2018.

Zane B. Kerby

American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)

”Cruising is on the rise around the globe. Cruise lines continue to introduce creative new features and itineraries to meet rising global demand. In the United States, millennials are embracing cruising in greater numbers, and reporting higher satisfaction than other age cohorts. … Nadia Jastrjembskaia is an active ASTA member, adheres to our code of ethics, and has been recognized for her knowledge and professionalism by several industry entities. When you decide to take to the seas, relying on a trusted travel professional is key to maximizing the value of your trip. Call Nadia, her experience will make yours wonderful.”

Charles A. B. Sylvia

Vice President,
Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)

”“I congratulate Nadia on her successful career in cruise travel and her remarkable achievement of CLIA’s highest certification, Elite Cruise Counsellor. Clearly, Nadia is committed to lifetime learning and to representing the cruise industry in the most professional manner possible. I applaud her more than 100 cruises and ship inspections, and can easily understand why she is so respected among cruise line leaders.”

Elena K.

Aurora Cruises and Travel

”Mrs. Jastrjembskaia had a lot of mega-useful information of which we were unaware. We had more options to discuss that we even didn’t think about that we had in our four previous bookings made in the different cruise agencies. During online sessions, she told us about the cruise companies and options available for us. Nadia did research and updated our status in loyalty programs from the previous cruises and discounts available for a new cruise. Moreover, Mrs. Jastrjembskaia found our onboard booking that was cancelled and helped to return $ 200 back to our bank account.”