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Last-Minute Deals

772 335-7017

Check Every Thursday

Note:  Availability is limited. Going, Going, Gone! fares are non-refundable and available for double occupancy only.

Scroll down the side bar inside the promotion window to see all options.


Enjoy the best deals on last-minute cruises with up to 20% in savings.

These deals are only offered for two days, so take advantage now before it's too late. Book your cruise now!

If you have a booking with us on the sailing listed below and wish to upgrade to the high stateroom category, please contact us at 772 335-7017 to do so.

If you book somewhere else, contact agency in records. Please don’t contact us if your booking doesn’t belong to Aurora Cruises and Travel.

Keep in mind the following:

  • You can’t receive money back if your stateroom category is on sale now. 
  • Now, you can only upgrade for the minimal price.
  • Not all travel agency and online operators offer upgrade service. Aurora Cruises and Travel offers full spectrum of services: from price adjustment before the final payment to upgrades after.

Contact us at 772 335-7017 for clarification.