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Why Incentive?

10 reasons to give an incentive to your employee

Why Travel?

Travel is a most valuable asset.

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From an upgrade to a prepaid cruise.

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What is an incentive?

Any reward that exceptional employees receive for reaching work goals, achieving milestones or as recognition for his or her achievement as an individual or team member.

10 reasons to give an incentive to your employee

#1 Win-Win

An employee incentive program is beneficial for all parties.
If an employee feels valued and motivated he/she is more productive and committed. As a result, your company benefits with increased productivity, loyalty, morale and decreased absenteeism.

#2 Increased Motivation

Rewards in many forms from cash to travel and gifts are a great motivator. It is most important for an employee to see that your company cares enough to offer incentives.

#3 Increased Company Morale

Incentives contribute to a harmonious working environment and high company morale. In turn, company morale reduces absenteeism and reduces company cost.

#4 Increased Company Loyalty

Incentives improve loyalty to your company that reduces your cost to hire, train new employees and results in reduced attrition.

#5 Increased Productivity

Incentives encourage an employee to work towards your companies’ goals. In return, an employee is more productive and motivated with the promise of an incentive and a clearly defined target.

#6 Improved Completion of Objectives

You can set up realistic goals and rewards for your employee when he/she reaches them.

#7 Reduced Company Costs

Your incentive program results in a targeted cost reduction due to reduced employee absenteeism, recruitment costs and staff turnover.

#8 Reduced Absenteeism

Clear goals and rewards motivate an employee to show up on time and reduce wasted, unproductive time.

#9 Team Work

Incentive programs promote teamwork and create an environment to succeed as a team. Teamwork promotes efficiency and creates harmony in the workplace.

#10 Decreased Turnover

Incentive programs reduce turnover within the company. As a result, your company saves money on recruiting and training new staff.

Facts Only


of incentive programs met expectation.


of incentive programs exceeded expectations.


of employees preferred non-cash incentives.


of US businesses use incentive travel programs.


of Americans haven’t taken a vacation over a year.


of millennials actively seek to pursue career opportunities over the next two years.


of businesses reported cost reduction after implementation of incentive program.


businesses reported increased sales and profitability due to incentive travel program.


of employees in Southern states are engaged in incentive programs.


of businesses reported increase in budgets for incentive travel.


increase in productivity due to incentive travel program.


of employees believe they are more motivated by travel incentives.

705 million

vacation days unused in 2017.

$255 billion

is the potential economic impact of unused vacations.


of Americans left vacation time on the table.

$11 billion

is lost due to employee turnover.

Finally, 84% of Americans say it is important to spend vacation days on travel.

But only 47% of them travel.

Why Travel?


Cash incentives are less powerful compared to travel: abstract numbers, not a clear image is stored in the left logical side of the brain.

Images of cruises, oceans and beaches are stored in the emotional right side of the brain and “pulled” up often in anticipation.


Anticipation of travel creates positive emotions that are much stronger in comparison to actual travel.

You probably have experienced that. Looking at photos and videos of cruises and destinations that you plan to visit create an emotional connection to anticipate your cruise/travel.


Vacation time is extremely important.

Encourage your employees to take their vacation time and spend it with loved ones.

Show them that you are care about their personal life and wish them to recover from everyday stressors.

Travel and cruises do a great job to return happier and more productive employees.


Family and friends are most important in a person’s life.

Travel with family and friends is a dream vacation for everyone. What about an upgrade from inside stateroom to a balcony that is offered by an employer as a reward or bonus?

An employee will receive respect from family and friends for this gift.

“My company gave me this!” – more positive emotions and happiness compare to $100 bonus.


Here in Florida, we enjoy cruising year-round with specials from cruise lines for Florida residents.

Take advantage of that!

Rewards for upgrading a stateroom start from $50 per stateroom for a 3 nights Bahamas cruise.

What We Offer?

Here, with Aurora Cruises and Travel, we offer a personalized custom-built incentive program designed especially for Floridians by Floridians.

We take into consideration all factors:

  • Your budget
  • Your company’s size
  • Your company’s structure
  • Employee/employer relationships
  • All specific details related to your business.

Your incentive program may include:


Cruise certificate to the winner of the contest with prepaid cruise and port taxes.


Contribution to an employee’s vacation in the form of an upgrade, additional onboard credits, prepaid gratuities, specialty dining, excursions or spa treatments.


Company’s cruise for the whole company (great for small business!) or the winning team.


Training at sea. You can invite speakers as you wish, we provide all logistics.

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