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I like Nadia’s willingness and efforts to ensure that our vacation plans are accurately arranged. She takes the time and explains the details that each cruise she plans brings. She takes the extra steps to ensure that our cruise needs are met – before, during and after the vacation.”

 Stephen P, Portland, OR

Nadia has been handling my family’s cruise planning for many years. She has made it effortless and is always available for questions. She knows our likes and dislikes and is always spot on with recommendations.”

Linda M, Stuart, FL

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5 Plus 1 Tips about River Cruising

that You May not Aware of – Read More in Downloaded Brochure above

Steel number 1

Don’t choose a river cruise based on price alone

Every river line has its own unique personality even within the same fare ranges. Making choices are more complicated due to on board experiences.

steel number 2

River cruising is not handicap friendly even most of ships have elevator

This is due to the fact that in most places cobblestones are not good for wheelchairs and scooters.

In smaller historical towns and villages may be no even sidewalks to move around.
Most hotels in Europe are not handicap-friendly. Some of them even don’t have elevator.

Steel number 3

River cruise companies depend on water levels and can’t operate if water level is too low or too high

In some situations, captains even can’t predict the water level in particular region.
This translates that your cruise may be turned into bas tour with long hour rides.

Read carefully contracts with river cruise company before you pay the deposit. In most cases it is written that cruise company has a right to change itinerary if level of water is too low or too high.

Work with cruise advisor who knows historical variations of water level in the region to pick up the right month to cruise.

Steel number 4

Deposit and final payment for river cruise companies are different compare to ocean going cruise lines

Pay attention to penalties after deposit made.

In some cases, deposit may be not refundable at all.

Final payments for the cruise are far in advance compare to ocean going cruises.
Penalties start immediately after the final payment.

Steel number 5

Due to the cost of river cruising pick up the most knowledgeable and experienced cruise advisor

The most advanced cruise professionals are extremely busy and don’t offer any ‘specials’ or cash-backs to new customers.

Some even charge for initial consultation and advices.

Pick up those who had at least 10 river cruises in Europe on the different cruise lines to give you first-hand advices and share experience.

You will be surprise to learn how many very important small details are non-known to traveling public.

Steel number 6

Dress is country club casual, no need for
formal attire


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You will LOVE our collection of travel brochures and eBooks written by Nadia Jastrjembskaia, Elite Cruise Counselor and managing director here, at Aurora Cruises and Travel.


River Cruise Collection:

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  • 12 River cruise lines, incluidng Viking Cruises, Ama Waterways, A-Rosa, Avalon, CroiseEurope, Emerald Waterways, European Barging, Scenic Cruises, Tauck River Cruises, Uniworld, Crystal

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The Best Itinerary for First Timers

From Amsterdam to Budapest

grand European river cruise

Day 1 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Day 2 Kinderdijk, The Netherlands
Day 3 Cologne, Germany
Day 4 Koblenz, Germany & Middle Rhine
Day 5 Miltenberg, Germany
Day 6 Würzburg, Germany
Day 7 Bamberg, Germany
Day 8 Nuremberg, Germany
Day 9 Regensburg, Germany
Day 10 Passau, Germany
Day 11 Melk & Krems, Austria
Day 12 Vienna, Austria
Day 13 Vienna, Austria
Day 14 Budapest, Hungary
Day 15 Budapest, Hungary

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