Nadia is extremely knowledgeable about cruising, especially the Royal Caribbean Oasis class ships. She was able to answer my questions off the top of her head without having to look anything up. She knows these ships inside out.

Terri W, Cincinnati, OH

Nadia makes it easy and always delivers the best experience for the least amount of money. From the Caribbean waters of St. Kitt, where I proposed to my fiancée on top of a volcano, to the northern reaches of the Irish Sea, the actual experience has always exceeded my expectations, thanks in large part to Nadia’s cruise knowledge and recommendations.

 Morris C, Port St. Lucie, FL

Nadia made a believer of me that a great travel expert is the only way to go. I went from an interior to a deluxe balcony and had a wonderful birthday. Thanks and I will be booking with you asap.

Frank M, Orlando, FL

Find a Cruise

Want to see itineraries, available sailings, and prices?

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We will help you to narrow your choices later!

Oasis Class Cruising

Think about cruising on the biggest cruise ships in the world?


Harmony of the Seas? Allure of the Seas? Oasis of the Seas?

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Family   Cruising

Cruise with kids?

Cool! Your kids will appreciate all the effort you put into this cruise!

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Wedding  at  Sea

Wedding at Sea?

Do you know that this is a hot trend in the cruising industry? Planning a wedding at sea is similar, but not quite the same as on land.

Learn the difference!

Suite Cruising

Do you know that suites are in demand and leave the market first?

This is because they offer amenities that are not available for guests in other stateroom categories.

Find the difference!

Celebrations  at  Sea

Planning anniversary?  Birthday? Sweet 16 for your daughter? Retirement?

Any celebration is a wonderful reason for cruising with friends and family or just with your significant one.

Find more how to start planning your special event.

Around  the  World  Cruise

Do you know that all around-the-world cruises exist?

It is quite challenging to book one due to outstanding demand, but possible if you start early.

See what you can learn about this exciting prospect.

River   Cruising

River cruising is the extremely hot now in cruise the industry.

This is because all river ships are much smaller compared to ocean going cruises. Also, they allow you to travel through continents while packing and unpacking only once.

Extremely convenient!

First  Time  Cruisers

Finally, you are ready to try cruising for a first time.

Excellent! You read (probably) a lot of about this topic on the Internet and received advice from friends.

Let’s start planning!

Reunion  at  Sea

Do you wish to have your next family reunion at sea?

This is a fantastic idea! Everyone will enjoy cruising and no one has the job of hosting it.

This will be the most relaxing family reunion for every family member.

Honeymoon  at  Sea

Honeymoon at sea? This will be a totally different experience compared to all-inclusive resort in Caribbean.

If you wish, you can make a combination of both. We will teach you how to do that.

Incentive Cruising

Planning incentive for your staff? Cruising is the great motivator!

We will help you to make this event the most desirable in your company.

People will try their best to reach their goals, and you will reap the results!

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